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Super Bock Decoration Beer Challenge
Vidago Palace

Environment / Communication

Super Bock introduced us a new challenge to create a space with a theoretical and practical side in which we could taste and learn about Beer Culture in a fun and captivating way. The target was none other than their own employees.
Will’s solution was to completely transform a room into a bar with a beer décor. In the centre of the room, we designed and built a “Save the Brewer” bar, decorated with materials from the world of beer such as crates, barrels, and burlap bags with raw materials. During the event, 4 essential points were explored as a main approach to beer culture: style, origin, process, and tasting.

The concept of the event was based on the legend that the punishment for creating a bad beer was to drown the brewmaster in his own beer. In this way, the event could be divided into three stages:


  1. The brewer presents a bad beer. He demonstrates
    reduced knowledge and consequently recipe failure.
  2. New chance for the master! This time, he studies and acquires skills.
  3. Hands on! He tastes, feels, makes choices, and risks until he succeeds.

So, in the first phase a Quiz on brewing culture was held with the goal to alert the participants that their knowledge needs to be improved. In the second phase, a brief presentation took place in the relaxed atmosphere of the bar in order to learn more. Finally, in the third phase, guests participated in a set of challenges, designed and built especially for the event, exploring the five senses in order to deepen their knowledge.

The outcome? 80 brewmasters, heart and soul!

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