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Montra Dalva
Garrafeira Nacional Window Display

Window Display / Communication / Environment

For that project Will takes the riverside area of Porto and Gaia to Lisbon! The monumental storefront, the largest ever developed by Will, portrays in a “theatrical” way elements that immediately identify those two towns of the north of Portugal: Luís I bridge, Clérigos tower, Serra do Pilar and Rabelo boats, among many others.

Inspired by small paper theatres, the whole scenario of this shop window is composed of panels with superimposed illustrations that gives the illusion of depth in a theatrical environment.

Dalva is the main “actress” in this whole scenario. The brand, which is defined by its sober image, is the inspiration for the whole stylized and minimal environment to represent this Port Wine, a traditional product full of history.
Part of the storefront is dedicated to great national Chefs who sign special editions of Dalva Port Wine.

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