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Ramos Pinto Window Display
Garrafeira Nacional

Window Display / Communication / Environment

The storefront of the Garrafeira Nacional was filled with glow and history. The Ramos Pinto brand already swirls in the two big golden carousels full of light. For the window display Will visited the cellars, tasted the history and was conveyed with a dream of a man, Adriano Ramos Pinto.
He was a visionary, persistent and innovative person, far beyond his time.

We also visited the farms where all the Ramos Pinto wine is born. The flight of eagles between hills and valleys controls a ground masterfully worked by dedicated people with the best equipment of nowadays. Inspired by music boxes, two carousels to convey all the magic of the brand. One, nicely decorated, expresses the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Duas Quintas and everything that revolves around that wine, its techniques, its vineyards, the two farms, Ervamoira and Bons Ares.

No carrocel Ramos Pinto, a arte assume o papel principal, o brinde do Adriano Ramos Pinto convida a provar um vinho impar. Só assim nasce uma montra de referencia, só com um legado incrível e um vinho excelente.

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