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Will said ESTOU (I AM) in 2020 and since then has overseen all communication of social networks.

ESTOU is a project of the non-profit association, which was born from the challenge set by a group of physicians concerned and moved by their patients. The project aims to reduce social isolation of hospitalized patients.


We dream of U.DREAM helping Daniela and her family, with the belief that together we can change the world a little bit!

U.DREAM is a project that develops social leadership skills in young people in higher education.

São Cirilo

We have always been supportive with São Cirilo, helping with fundraising campaigns, flyers, photos and supporting them in the most diverse communication media.

The mission of São Cirilo Community Center, in Porto, is to welcome and (re)integrate people and families, migrants and natives, in working ages and in a temporary period of social fragility.